Pathophysiology of heart disease: a collaborative project o medical students and aculty, Sixth edition

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Leonard S. Lilly 978-1-4511-9275-9 WOLTERS KLUWER 2016
The textbook’s development is unusual in that it represents a close collaboration between Harvard medical students and cardiology aculty, who shared in the writing and editing o the manuscript.
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This textbook is a comprehensive introduction to diseases o the cardiovascular system. Although excellent cardiology re erence books are available, their encyclopedic content can overwhelm the beginning student. There ore, this text was created to serve as a simplif ed bridge between courses in basic physiology and the care o patients in clinical settings. It
is intended to help medical students and physicians-in-training orm a solid oundation o knowledge o diseases o the heart and circulation and is designed to be read in its entirety during standard courses in cardiovascular pathophysiology.

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