Sobotta Anatomy textbook. - English edition with Latin nomenclature. - First edition

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Jens Waschke 978-0-7020-6760-0 Elsevier 2019
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Anatomy is the study of the body’s structure. The anatomical structure forms the morphological basis for functions. The combination of modern morphological methods with molecular biological, biochemical, biomechanical, bioinformatical and electrophysiological techniques have turned modern-day anatomy into functional, clinically orientated, structural research. Without the
knowledge of anatomy, no functions can be deduced and without the knowledge of structure and function, no pathological changes can be understood. Despite the new concept of this textbook, there is one thing it cannot do: it cannot do the learning for the students. Everyone must invest the time to learn. This textbook is designed to help facilitate learning through vivid representations of anatomical structures; we want to make you curious about your future career and present the contents in an exciting and interesting manner. It should be a welcome companion throughout all of your studies in human medicine, dentistry and molecular medicine.

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