Sobotta Dissection Atlas. - Bilingual Edition with Latin Nomenclature. - 3rd edition

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Аз Gulnora Inoyatova Нашр шудааст Mar 15, 2022
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Friedrich Paulsen Elsevier 2017
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We are glad to complete the Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy with the Sobotta Disscetion Atlas. The 3rd edition of the Sobotta Dissection Atlas with its special design and structure is once again meant to be something tangible for direct studies with the body donor in the dissection lab. Together with the three-volume Sobotta Atlas, the muscle chart and the Sobotta textbook which are all mainly designed for home studies, as well as with the Sobotta App for mobile studying a Sobotta line-up is now available meeting all requirements of anatomy and furthermore guaranteeing joy and success in the preparation for oral and written examinations.

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